Keeping up with technology and innovation.

ALFA Engineering was founded in 2000 in Radovish, Macedonia. This company is a private entity primarily designed to act in the field of industrial and electrical engineering, combined with the field of construction and installation of equipment for control and automatic management of industrial processes

Extensive skill set and experience spanning a range of sectors

(A) certified company in construction, supervision and desing

Assuring quality through implementation of ISO 9001 standard

Our Approach

As a company specializing in high-tech systems, mechanical engineering, automation, water supply systems, renewable energy and construction, ALFA Engineering is committed to contribute to a better society through the implementation of sustainable and innovative projects.


Our services

Our services range from concept development, to design and engineering, and to execution and operation. Whether your project involves construction, project design or supervision we offer services in the following areas to solve your challenges.

Installation of pumps and high capacity pumping stations for water supply is a field of expertise in which ALFA Engineering is very well known in Macedonia and neighboring countries.
Parallel to the water supply area of work, ALFA Engineering has a great success in the field of energy.
Whether you have an application issue or other challenge, with our expert industrial automation services, we can help you select and apply automation products and designs to reduce risk and increase efficiency of different water or energy related systems.
ALFA Engineering has the ability to supply all required geosynthetic materials along with the necessary site supervision, skilled technicians, in-house quality control technicians, and testing equipment related to the installation of the geosynthetic materials